Those people whose whole life is dedicated to extreme sports, decided to create the Extreme Sports in Greece, with the purpose of initiating as many as they can into the magic world of extreme sports.


The founder of Extreme Sports in Greece is Konstantinos Fakinos, who has been charmed by the beauty of greek nature and the magic world of sports from a very young age.


Having a successful course in classic athletism (800m,1500m, Triathlon, Marathon), he has also been looking for new sports, like Kitesurfing, Wake boarding, Ski, Rappeling, Scuba Diving, Parachuting, Canyoning etc, which would give him the necessary dose of adrenaline he needed!


His entrance in Greek Special Forces (seals, marines) provided him with the necessary knowledge and experience, in order for him to be able to lead and guide people in difficult weather conditions and situations with responsibility and absolute success.


His continuous practice in Greek Special Forces and especially his last defining participation as a tracer in Long Range Marines Patrol (September, 2012) of 200km distance in 5 ½ days which is a new world record, prove his responsibility and his preparedness. He has been able to sail various types of boats up to 25m since 1991 and he is also trained us a Firefighter in the 6th firefighting rescue department.


He has got a diving diploma from the International Federation of Diving since 1994, and also a diploma of specialty in Nitrox, Cavern, Night Diving, Deep Diving, Wreck Diving, Search and recovery, a diploma of RESCUE DIVER and DIVEMASTER. He has got a degree in Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) of National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians in Cooperation with the Committee on Trauma of the American College of Surgeons and in Basic Life Support(BLS) of the European Rescusciation Council as well. Finally, he is a qualified Skydiver,with diploma in Technical Safety, Naval Meteorology and in Business Administration.


Our target is to initiate you into the magic world of Extreme Sports in order for you to experience unique moments with maximum safety.


The schedule of our trips is based on your demands and abilities, on the dates you are available and the Extreme Sports you desire to try.
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